OFFSTAGE: Jason Sudeikis Is No Brad Paisley

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FYI, Jason Sudeikis: Brad Paisley does not sound like Foghorn Leghorn. I get that you may not have had a lot of time to hone that impression for this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live skit . But next time, just know that Paisley’s more of a soft-spoken guy without quite that Southern of a drawl. And he’s not so much a hoot ’n holler kind of guy like you made him out to be. But I get it. The funny part was how the Paisley character and LL Cool J (played by Kenan Thompson) were trying to defend their song “Accidental Racist” after all the controversy when Paisley’s Wheelhouse album was recently released. Sudeikis’ Paisley said the tune was just another country song with a story to tell. “What I wanted to do was show folks the gritty racial reality of a man in Starbucks talking to his barista,” he said. Then he and Thompson went on to sing a verse from the song that never made it on the record, about how “at least we ended racism for good.” After the skit, Paisley took to Twitter to post a picture of Sudeikis and Thompson. “Well, we wanted to start the conversation. This is fantastic,” Paisley wrote.

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