OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift’s Lonely Girls Club: A Look Inside

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Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are the best of friends. So much so, they started their own organization — the Lonely Girls Club. Gomez talked about it Tuesday (April 16) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show . “Taylor hosts this thing at her house where all of our single friends — which is most of us — get together and get really bad junk food, and she cooks some sort of cake and we play with [Swift’s cat] Meredith,” she explained. “We just talk about how we’re single.” And this is how inviting the LGC is: Even when Gomez was the world’s No. 1 Belieber (in a serious romantic relationship with Justin Bieber), she still went to these, um, meetings. “I just enjoy Taylor and her parties,” she said. The two celebs met about five years ago backstage at a Jonas Brothers concert and have been close ever since. “I think she’s one of the strongest girls I’ve ever met, to be honest,” Gomez said of Swift.

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