OFFSTAGE: Nashville‘s Connie Britton Is Not Out to Pasture

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Because Connie Britton and I are roughly the same age, I’ve never seen her as old. To me, she’s just one of those actresses I’ve loved since Spin City and will probably always see her as she was when that show debuted in 1996. Now that she’s on TV every week again, as Rayna James on Nashville, I refuse to see her as even middle-aged. And it sounds like she agrees. “When I read the pilot script that Callie [Khouri] wrote, I never saw it in those terms,” Britton recently told CMT Radio of the old vs. new stigma some might see in the plots. Rayna is often caught in some kind of drama with her half-her-age tourmate Juliette Barnes. “I never saw the roles that way,” she said. “My experience is not that somehow you hit 40 and you get put out to pasture. That has not been my life experience on any level, and so it was important to me not to put that perspective out into the world.”

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