OFFSTAGE: Brantley Gilbert on Jana Kramer’s “Valiant Effort”

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Brantley Gilbert recently told me he doesn’t always make healthy choices when it comes to food. But his fiancée Jana Kramer is trying to change all that. “I’ve been eating a bit better because I’m living with my fiancée, and she eats like a bird. My midnight snacks are being cut down. And I have to hide my Cheetos and Doritos and stuff,” he told me. “She’s putting forth a valiant effort trying to get me healthy.” Kramer, he said, is very slim and doesn’t have a big appetite. “She can lick a stamp and eat an apple, and that’s it for the day,” Gilbert laughed. But maybe she’s just trying to keep her bikini body in perfect shape for their honeymoon. “I’m excited for the honeymoon part of our wedding. We’re going to go somewhere for two weeks and just check out,” he said. “We ain’t taking no cell phones or nothing.” When I pressed for details about the wedding, Gilbert gave me nothing. “I got a lot of dark deep secrets. I’m a dad-gum safe,” he said. “I’m locked, and you don’t have the combination.”