OFFSTAGE: Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer’s Fighting Duet

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If and when Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer record their first duet together, it will probably not be a love song. In fact, it could be a fighting song. One they’ve already written together is called “You’re Not Listening.” And Gilbert told me what it wasn’t about. “Well, it’s a duet. But it’s not like the whole love song, mushy mushy thing where the guy talks then the girl talks,” he explained. “It’s actually an argument. Like a knock-down, drag-out fight.” He said when they sing it together, the lyrics overlap each other and they are singing at the same time. So it’s more of a spin on a duet, he said. Will we ever get to hear it? Maybe. One of these days. Eventually. “We’ve both got our own thing going on right now, and we’re working our butts off,” he said.

Plus, there’s the whole wedding thing they have ahead of them. And he’s is working his butt off on that, too. “When we started, I had three missions — the preacher, the wedding band and the fireworks. I knocked those out quick,” he said. But then the wedding planner emailed him with another to-do list explaining other things that some grooms help out with. “Which means, if you don’t help, she is gonna be pissed,” Gilbert said.

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