OFFSTAGE: Hillary Scott Shares Golden Secrets and True Beauty

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Lady Antebellum’s new album Golden was released on Tuesday (May 7), so pictures of the country trio have been everywhere. And when I see Hillary Scott, I assume that her gorgeous glow is the result of her pregnancy. But now I know better. It’s her pregnancy, plus her La Mer lotion, Clairsonic brush and Neutrogena wipes that keep her skin so radiant.

In this Q&A on , Scott talks beauty and style. She says her husband’s favorite look on date night is super casual. “Chris and I, for the most part, are very casual. He loves me the most with my hair pulled back, with little or no makeup on, in my favorite jeans chowing down on pub food and catching the current NBA game on TV,” she said.

But what if he’s taking her “Downtown”? Does she show a little “uh uh,” like the song says? “When we do go on a fancy date, I normally wear a soft feminine top with skinny jeans, minimal accessories, and my Chanel ballet flats. I really try to keep the heels off unless I’m on stage or on red carpets.”

Then Scott shares her beauty-from-within passion for anyone too concerned with outer beauty: “The moments where I’ve truly felt the most beautiful, in the purest sense of the word, have been when I’m not dolled up in professional hair and makeup, on stage, or just celebrating a rare fabulous hair day (even though I do enjoy those days, ha!). They’ve been in the middle of precious memories being made, and when my focus has been on who I am trying to become on the inside. A better version of who I was yesterday. Some examples are my honeymoon, serving God by serving my family in Haiti, and girl time with my closest friends,” she says.

“As women, I feel we are pressured into not only thinking, but BELIEVING that we must be drop dead gorgeous, in perfect shape, blemish-free faced ’shells of people’ who are deemed ’beautiful’ based purely on one dimension. How about we strive to be multi-dimensionally beautiful women!?!? Strong, healthy, beautiful, and REAL!”