OFFSTAGE: Nashville‘s Juliette Barnes Chases CMA Award

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Champagne, bobbleheads and lavish parties? Is that really how artists celebrate being nominated for a CMA Award?

Maybe it’s not quite like that in Nashville, but it’s like that on Nashville. That’s what happened on Wednesday (May 8) night’s episode. Both Rayna and Juliette got phone calls telling them they’d been nominated for female vocalist of the year. And both were genuinely thrilled. But Juliette took the celebrating and campaigning a little more seriously. (Rayna was busy making out with Deacon constantly and hiding her older daughter’s paternity from everyone.)

“The only thing I want is that crystal award on my mantel,” Juliette told her assistant. And then, “I’ve learned in this business the only person you can rely on is yourself.” So first, Juliette breaks out the champagne. Then she commits to spending more than a million dollars on bobbleheads and cute little bottles of Dom Perignon for the 7,500 CMA members.

Then Juliette heads to the Edgehill Records CMA nominations party — where Dustin Lynch’s “She Cranks My Tractor” is playing — and she gets so drunk that Rayna tells her, “Honey, that perfume you’re wearing is 80 proof.” Juliette ultimately hits on Avery, who fills in for Deacon on lead guitar. He turns her down and she says, “Great. I can’t even pick up a roadie.”

If parties like this exist in the real Nashville, I want in.