OFFSTAGE: Why Brad Paisley Does Date Nights

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Brad Paisley is thinking ahead. Way ahead. Like 18 years or so. That’s why he and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley still go out without the kids as often as possible. “Date night is important, even if it’s going to Schlotsky’s,” Paisley told Good Housekeeping. “A preacher once told us that after the kids leave home, if you haven’t had a conversation in 18 years, it’ll be pretty hard.” Still, date nights might not be all that perfect because Paisley admits he doesn’t do the small-talk thing. Other things that make his marriage strong: He still makes her laugh, she never holds grudges and they both take their vows much more seriously than Williams-Paisley’s character on the Nashville TV series does. “When you’re old-fashioned like I am, you know marriage is forever,” he said. “Those vows are a promise.”

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