OFFSTAGE: Does Carrie Underwood Need a Hug?

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Quick. Somebody give Carrie Underwood a hug. Because from what she told Marie Claire magazine, it sounds like she could use a little more love and affection.

“We were never a huggy family. Or a ’let’s talk it out’ family,” Underwood says in the new issue. “I’m not a mushy person at all.” According to her, the fact that her siblings are much older than her means she was raised almost like an only child. “I’m a little more selfish, a little more independent, a little closed. I do wish I were softer. I wish I were able to form relationships better,” she admitted.

Even her mom told the magazine her daughter was never really a people person and just liked being outside with animals. And her best friend Ivey Childers (of the Nashville Ivey Cake bakeries) described her pal like this: “She was never super-outgoing. And she doesn’t feel the need to overcompensate now.” So at least Underwood knows who she is and is fine with it.

Luckily, her better half Mike Fisher makes up for everything. “He is Mr. Nicest Guy on the Planet,” Underwood says. “I skew the other way.”

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