OFFSTAGE: Kellie Pickler Knows How to Nail the Cha-Cha

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“No matter how crazy life gets, I get to go home to a good man.” That’s what Kellie Pickler said about her new single, “Someone Somewhere Tonight.” But really, it could be true about her run on Dancing With the Stars, too. She scored a perfect 10 this week and is heading into next week’s finals starting Monday (May 20). She’ll have to dance the cha-cha again and told CMT Radio the music’s very fast pace makes it hard to stay connected to partner Derek Hough on that one. “We are gonna glue our hips together if we have to,” she said, sounding determined to win. But as for that new song, Pickler explained why it means so much to her. “It’s about cherishing every moment we have together and never taking it for granted. I’m so blessed that I found that missing puzzle piece,” Pickler said, adding that the line in the song about being stuck in a prison makes her think of her father and of her own personal prison in her mind that has blocked her from happiness. The album isn’t all deep thoughts, though. She promises it will have fun Kellie Pickler songs on it, too. “I’ve got a lot to say,” she said. “I’m a woman.”

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