OFFSTAGE: Underwood’s Parents Say No to Houses and Generators

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Carrie Underwood’s parents sound like they are about as modest as she is generous. I mean, she is Carrie Underwood, so she’s making a pretty nice living and has been trying to do nice things for her mom and dad. But they won’t have it. They still live in the same house where she was raised, even though she has tried to buy them a new one. And when she tried to buy her dad a generator for Christmas, he wouldn’t allow it. “My parents are really great people who want nothing to do with any of this,” she told Marie Claire magazine. “This” being the wealth that comes from being one of the biggest deals in country music. “I’m the black sheep of the family. The black-crystal sheep. Swarovski,” she joked. She even said that when she was in talent shows before the big talent show — American Idol — her mom sewed all her outfits. “She would get material from Walmart. It was a little Coal Miner’s Daughter up in there,” Underwood recalled.

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