OFFSTAGE: Trace Adkins Crowned All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

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On Sunday night’s (May 19) All-Star Celebrity Apprentice season finale , Donald Trump named Trace Adkins the winner. But the real winner, obviously, is the American Red Cross. That’s the charity Adkins was playing for, and even before he won the title, he went on and on about the virtues of the charity. “I really do wanna win this thing and hand over another quarter of a million [dollars] to the folks at the American Red Cross,” Adkins said. “I just really wanted to bring more attention to the volunteers who respond to the everyday house fires.” When it was close to the end of the episode, Trump’s daughter Ivanka praised Adkins for being “this solid, strong, quiet yet firm leader.” And Joan Rivers called him a singing John Wayne, although she voted for his last competitor Penn Jillette. Earlier in the episode, Adkins played the title track of his new album Love Will with Jillette backing him on bass guitar. And while music will likely always be Adkins’ first priority, there may be some other ventures for him down the road. He told E! he might like to do more acting and/or head over to The Voice.

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