OFFSTAGE: Toby Keith Says Moore, Okla., Is the “Reason I Never Moved to Nashville”

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As devastating as the tragic tornado in Oklahoma was, Moore is still home to Toby Keith. “It’s the reason I never moved to Nashville. It’s home. I tried to live other places and always just came back here,” Keith told NBC News anchor Brian Williams on Tuesday (May 21) . “I’m very proud to have my name on that water tower.” He also pointed out some of the highlights of the town — like the grocery store on the corner where he got his baseball cards and the bike run down Fourth Street — as he explained why Moore was so special and so resilient. “You see people pitching in and helping the second that it hit,” he said of the tornado. “My son-in-law went right in, turned his truck over getting in there, gets electrocuted climbing in the school, the EMT guys pull him out of there and tend to him, and then he goes right back in and helps with search and rescue. Everybody’s like that.”

Keith also talked with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and said that the Plaza Towers Elementary School did everything they could to protect the students. “Everyone here [in Nashville] was going, ’How do you live there? How did they leave those kids in school?’ It’s coming right at us, and you can’t call the parents and say, ’Come get them now,'” he said. “Oklahoma’s just so resilient, they did they best they could.”

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