OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift: “Those Kids Nailed It”

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

There is nothing more adorable than a good ol’ childhood romance. Not babies. Not puppies. Not even babies playing with puppies. So when you watch this new Taylor Swift video for “Everything Has Changed,” prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness. The story behind the song she sings with Ed Sheeran is that good friends can suddenly become much more than good friends. And Swift told Access Hollywood that casting for the kids in the video was very easy. “Ed’s kid is so exactly what Ed looked like when he was a little kid, and was such a boy’s boy, too,” she said. “And I was having an hour and a-half conversation with my mini-me, and she’s so sweet and she’s so thoughtful. She was just so kind to everyone.” The two mini-mes in the video are about 10 years old and do everything together at school — ride the bus, go to band class, watch filmstrips, tackle a cookie-decorating project, Magic Marker their faces and eat lunch on top of the jungle gym. Swift talked about what it was like on the set of the shoot. “I love that she got to play me. And Ed’s little mini-me is like hitting a stick against a telephone pole until it breaks, and Ed’s like, ’He’s so cool,'” Swift said. “Those kids nailed it.” Swift and Sheeran appear at the end of the video. I’ll give too much away if I tell you what roles they play, so just watch it for yourself and fall in love.