OFFSTAGE: Lauren Alaina’s Advice for Kree Harrison

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Sing like crazy. Then sign autographs like crazy. That’s what Lauren Alaina did when she was on the American Idol Live tour in 2011. And that’s the advice she would give Kree Harrison and the other American Idol performers who are about to embark on their own tour. “I went out after every show to sign, which you don’t have to do that,” she explained during a recent radio interview. “But it’s good to communicate with [the fans] as much as possible because they’re the best fans in the world. They vote to get you there. That tour is really awesome, and it’s very unique. It’s so different than any tour they will ever be on again. They just need to try and soak up every second of it.” Harrison and her Idol-mates kick off their tour Friday (July 19) in Kent, Wash. “It’s gonna be a good time on tour, I can already tell. It’s just the fact that we all get to continue being a little Idol family all summer long and sing to thousands of people every night together is really cool,” Harrison said in a radio interview. “It’s gonna be a slumber party basically.”

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