OFFSTAGE: Jason Aldean Gives Daughters Bunks of Their Own

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If you think about it, the bunks on tour buses are really like kid-sized forts. So it’s no wonder Jason Aldean’s little girls love their bunks on his tour bus, especially because he let them both have at it when it came to decorating their bunks. “They went and picked out their own stuff. So Kendyl’s is everything Minnie Mouse, and Keeley has peace signs on everything in her bunk,” Aldean told me when he was in Chicago for his Wrigley Field show. “The colors don’t match rest of my bus, but it was their deal. And since they picked it all out, now when they get on the bus, they have something that’s really theirs. It’s important for them to come out and give them their own little space.” Aldean said that since his daughters have grown up around the music business, they don’t really know any different. “They love getting on the bus. It’s like a big slumber party for them,” he said. “And Keeley was 3 when I was touring with Miranda [Lambert] all the time. So she’s known Miranda for seven years. And they’ve known Luke [Bryan] forever, too. So it’s always ’Mr. Luke this’ and ’Miss Miranda that.'” But even though the girls love being on the road with Aldean, he also loves being off the road with them. “I take five or six weeks off in summer just so I can hang out with them,” he said.

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