OFFSTAGE: Keith Urban Inspired by The Truman Show

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Keith Urban’s new video for “Little Bit of Everything” is a little bit of everything from the world’s very first reality show, The Truman Show. That fictional show was the main focus of the Jim Carrey movie of the same name in 1998. And it must’ve been on Urban’s mind when he started shooting his latest video. “I read the treatment, and there’s elements in there that we’re going to sort of simplify as we go. So, there’s sort of a Truman Show element to it that I really liked. I thought that was a good way for the song to be represented in the video,” Urban explained in a radio interview. “That was certainly the part of the treatment that I loved the most — this sort of duality of the surreal world and the real world and which is which.” The duality happens when he leaves the surreal behind and drives off in a vintage Pontiac Grand Prix and then walks through the door of the sunset. Then it’s the lonesome, ornery and mean real world on the other side of that door. So he goes back to the surreal, where he can sing his little chill song and get his groove on.

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