OFFSTAGE: Taylor Swift Led Carly Simon Through Her Own Song

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After making a surprise appearance Saturday (July 27) at Taylor Swift’s concert in Foxborough, Mass., Carly Simon said, “She really led me through my own song.” Simon was talking about “You’re So Vain,” her signature hit from 1972 the two sang together. It sounds like Simon enjoyed Swift as much as Swift enjoyed Simon. Before the show, Swift talked in a video interview about how excited she was to be singing a song everyone would know by heart. “Once we get out there and have 55,000 people in a singalong, it’s just gonna be like karaoke night in the stadium for everyone out there,” Swift said. “Every girl out there will be thinking of someone when we’re singing. That is the most direct way anyone has ever addressed a breakup.” And even though Simon has never been completely and publicly honest about who the song was written about (Warren Beatty? Cat Stevens? James Taylor?), she said she did tell Swift — and then swore her to secrecy. And if anyone knows how to keep a done-me-wrong-song character’s identity a mystery, it’s Swift.

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