OFFSTAGE: Brad Paisley Saves Jimmy Fallon’s Protest

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Thank God Brad Paisley was there. Because on Tuesday’s (July 30) Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Fallon was protesting his own protest song. He’d given up all hope he could ever get BP — the oil company, not Brad Paisley — to take action and do something about the oil spill and the havoc it is still creating. “Three years later, tar balls are still washing up on the Gulf Coast,” he said, in a defeated tone. He was hoping his song would send a message, but BP just isn’t listening. Enter Paisley. “I’ll play it, Jimmy,” Paisley offered. “If you’re not gonna play your protest song, I’ll do it.” That’s all he said before jumping right into the song’s intro: “The oil spill by BP has left tar balls all over the sea/So don’t go swimming in the South/Unless you want tar balls in your mouth.” Fallon joined him after that for the remainder of the song, which was the same line over and over: “Don’t swim in the ocean/You’ll get balls in your mouth.”

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