Nikki Lane Takes an Independent Stand on Concrete Country

Nikki Lane wants to be known as the First Lady of Outlaw Country. By doing things her own way, she’s got a real shot at the title.

This beautiful singer-songwriter requested her Concrete Country session to be filmed at Nashville’s Barista Parlor, one of the finest coffee establishments in the city. The owner granted us the use of his parking lot — which looks sharp with a freshly built patio and an illuminated, handcrafted sign. East Nashville remains one of the most welcoming neighborhoods for musicians and artists, so Lane looked right at home.

Plus, this was the first time I got to hear her brand new material. Her second album is due later this year.

“Being independent, you’re able to carve your own path. No one is telling me how long my hair should be, or what color it should be, or that I need to change a lyric in my song,” she said after the shoot. “It is independence and I think for a lot of us, that comes first and foremost. Being an artist, for me, means that I get to do what I want to do, even if that comes with some repercussions of having to wait a little longer.”

CMT and Mountain Dew’s Concrete Country with Nikki Lane premieres on CMT on Tuesday (August 13) at 11:50 p.m. ET/PT.

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