Keith Urban Calls Show Singalongs “Euphoric”

You know exactly what Keith Urban wants when he holds his microphone out in front of him at his concerts. He wants to hear his fans sing his songs back to him. He told ABC News just how much he loves hearing that sound.

“I mean, that’s like the dream of dreams when you’re playing in a cover band six nights a week, doing four hours a night playing everybody’s songs but your own,” he said. “I don’t know of any musician who doesn’t dream of, ’God, one day, I would really like to play my own songs and have everybody sing along. To get to that point now, it’s euphoric.”

Urban certainly paid his dues singing other people’s songs when he first moved from Australia to Nashville in the early ’90s and even playing guitar in other people’s videos. (Remember him from Alan Jackson’s 2007 “Mercury Blues” video?)

But now, everyone seems to know Urban’s songs by heart. And a few of his most loyal fans are the ladies in his life — his wife Nicole Kidman and their two daughters, 5-year-old Sunday Rose and 2-year-old Faith Margaret. It sounds like they’re loving his current tour as much as he does. Especially the bunks on his tour bus. And he joked that maybe the girls would do some time at the merch table someday.

“I’ll have them here selling T-shirts,” he said. “I’ll have Sunny, I’ll have a little stand for her.”

But even before Urban got to this latest leg of his tour, he said those three girls have had a lot to do with his newest batch of songs.

“They inspire so much of what I do,” he said. “They hear everything. Nic is hearing all the songs as they’re coming in, and she lives with this record as long as I do.”

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