All About Carrie Underwood’s Role in The Sound of Music

Finally, Carrie Underwood has a love interest. NBC has just announced who Underwood’s co-star will be in the upcoming live production of The Sound of Music. Stephen Moyer — best known as vampire Bill Compton in True Blood — will play Capt. Georg von Trapp. Which means he will be the one to hire Underwood as a nanny for his seven kids, only to fall crazy in love with her while she’s just doing her job.

Moyer seems like he’s pretty perfect for the role for a few reasons:

He’s hot in that professionally-trained-British-actor kind of way.

He’s 13 years older than Underwood. (Fitting since Theodore Bikel was 13 years older than Mary Martin when they played the captain and Maria roles in the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical when it opened in 1959.)

It’s possible his English accent will make von Trapp’s Austrian accent more convincing.

He got his start acting onstage — not on television or in films — so should be great in the live production.

He’s married to Anna Paquin, so having a thing for blondes will help with the chemistry he needs with Underwood.

The only thing that isn’t clear? Can Moyer sing? He won’t need to sing as much as Underwood, but he will need to carry a tune. The event is said to be based on the Broadway musical, so Moyer would be singing on “Edelweiss,” “No Way to Stop It,” “An Ordinary Couple,” “So Long, Farewell,” “The Sound of Music” and a little bit of “Do-Re-Mi.”

We’ll find out how well he does when the show airs Dec. 5.