American Idol: Will 2013 Judges Be the Last?

Keith Urban has already signed on again (snooze).” That’s what Rolling Stone had to say about all the controversy swirling around the judges’ panel on the upcoming season of American Idol. And Entertainment Weekly added their point of view on what could be the last season of the reality show, saying it’s been such an arduous process trying to find judges this year — and, let’s be honest, the last couple of years, as well — it could be a sign that the show will never return to the glory of its heyday.

Right now, it looks like this is who will most likely be sitting at the table when the first approved contestants come through: Urban, Jennifer Lopez and now, according to The New York Times , Harry Connick Jr. Producer and songwriter Dr. Luke was going to fill a seat but had to step down because of a conflict with his record label.

But there’s still one seat left. There have been about as many rumors and ideas for who should fill it as there are contestants. There’s been talk that it cannot be a woman because of the tension last season between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Then there’s been talk that it has to be a black male to take over where Randy Jackson left off. There’s been talk that Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun would be a good fit.

Then there’s been talk that a former Idol contestant would make some sense. No one, though, has ever mentioned the most obvious choice for that seat. Why not have Ryan Seacrest do it? The show could just hire another host and have Seacrest take on the judging. He seems to be so well-liked by viewers. And he’s been around the show and its contestants — winners and losers — since it started in 2002, so he knows what it takes to get America to fall in love with a voice.

My vote’s for Seacrest. He could easily be the next American Idol judge.