Carrie Underwood’s Glamorous Stage Style Highlighted in Nashville Exhibit

Designer Marina Toybina Explains Singer's Blown Away Tour Wardrobe

As you can see in Carrie Underwood’s brand new DVD of her Blown Away tour, she and designer Marina Toybina spent a lot of time putting together a wardrobe that fans would remember.

“Carrie wanted to take it somewhere else, you know, a little bit more mature, glamorous side — of not just her as an individual and her personal style but also the style of the music,” Toybina tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown. “We tried probably about a hundred dresses to make sure that it was the right fit,” she said. “From that point on, I did the sketches to propose my ideas for Carrie. And then it probably took us a good three weeks to make sure every single dress was perfect and ready to go.”

The dresses that made the cut are currently on display at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, including one that was a favorite for both women.

“The one dress that really stood out to us was the opening dress — the white one,” Toybina says.

Underwood tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown the dress has a character of its own.

“She’s a lady, you know,” Underwood says with a giggle, “but she’s got a little sass. She’s got some bling. The shoulder strap there is really nice. She’s got the black underneath, and it’s just ladylike but sassy, too.”

Even with all this glamour at her disposal, Underwood adds, “Well, I honestly would prefer performing in, like, shorts and boots.”

As her Hall of Fame exhibit indicates, she did just that during one act of the Blown Away shows — and not just because it was comfortable.

“That was when we were flying over the audience, so a dress wouldn’t really work there,” she says. “The bottom of the [floating] stage is Plexiglass, which was my idea, but it was important to be super-comfortable up there because it was a bit treacherous.”

Carrie Underwood: The Blown Away Tour exhibit runs through Nov. 10.