Kree Harrison Reacts to Harry Connick Jr.’s American Idol Judgeship

Harry Connick Jr. already has my vote. Once his announcement as the newest American Idol judge was made official on Tuesday (Sept. 3), Connick tweeted, “So excited to be on @AmericanIdol!!! i’ve already judged my wife and daughters like three times this morning. do they sell gavels on amazon?” He’s funny — and I love funny.

Even last season’s Idol runner-up Kree Harrison thinks Connick will be a good fit at the judge’s table. He was Harrison’s mentor on the show when they worked together on her performance of Carrie Underwood’s “See You Again.” (Remember? He told her it was smokin’, and that he wouldn’t change a frickin’ note of it and that Underwood is awesome, but “I like this even better than that.”)

“I think Harry Connick Jr. will be great,” Harrison said in a recent radio interview. “He’s got such good wit, but more than anything, he’s educated in music. I mean, he knows what he’s talking about in that area, so I think he’d be good.”

Randy Jackson will take over as the mentor during the 2014 season. Auditions are going on now in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Detroit, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and Omaha, Neb.

Connick tweeted from some of the Boston auditions, saying, “Just finished audition day 2 in Boston with @AmericanIdol — fun!!! i told @JLo i would help her get some more followers. so, #folLO.”

Again, the guy’s funny. Especially that last tweet, considering that his fellow judge Lopez has more than 23 million followers while he has about 60,000. Luckily, they are both now following each other. Otherwise, that would’ve been super awkward.