Carrie Underwood’s Latest Influence? Audrey Hepburn

Who else is so ready for Carrie Underwood’s Maria von Trapp to get here already? I know the big live television event is a good three months away, but I can’t stop picturing how The Sound of Music will be like once she puts her stamp on it. I’ve seen Underwood in concert about a dozen times, so I know what she is capable of vocally. And while I never actually saw the Broadway production, Underwood just seems like she has exactly the kind of voice Rogers & Hammerstein had in mind when they wrote the music and lyrics.

And Underwood herself thinks she has the stamina to get through it. She told the Wall Street Journal she’s not worried about her role in the production. She said she’s be prepping for the role as the governess the same way she preps for concert.

“Except memorizing the lines and the acting part, that’s really scary,” she said. “I sing a lot of really hard songs in my concerts.”

But since it’s not just the singing Underwood has to get ready for, she said she has been watching some old movies. You’d obviously be watching Julie Andrews in the film version of the musical, but Underwood has also added a little Audrey Hepburn to help her get into character. In watching Hepburn’s performance in My Fair Lady she said she’s trying “to see how they did it and imagine myself in their shoes.”

I hope she is using Andrews as a virtual vocal coach and Hepburn just as a virtual acting coach. Hepburn was never really known for her singing voice, so her Eliza character in My Fair Lady relied on the talents of dubbed-in singer Marni Nixon.