Tim McGraw’s Mom Gave Permission to Paddle at School

Maybe Tim McGraw isn’t getting paddled right now, but there was a time when corporal punishment was all the rage in schools. And he was on the receiving end of that painful kind of discipline.

People magazine recently asked McGraw — and a handful of other stars — if they’d ever received a detention in school. McGraw admitted he had.

I had always thought of detention as a stay-after-school kind of punishment, but McGraw defined it much differently.

“I grew up in Louisiana, so I got paddled a little bit,” he said. “Plus, the disciplinarian at our school was the vice principal, and he was also the coach and he was my best friend’s dad.”

Sounds about right for any small town, including Start, La.

And how did this disciplinarian/vice principal/family friend get away with the wooden paddle to the backside?

“He had complete permission to paddle me anytime he needed to from my mom,” McGraw laughed.

Even though McGraw was in school decades ago, corporal punishment is still legal now in 19 states, including Louisiana.