Carrie Underwood Scores Big With Sunday Night Football Theme

Early Sunday morning (Sept. 8), Carrie Underwood tweeted, “I’ve got this funny feeling that I’m going to be waiting all day for something.” It was a very clever teaser to remind people of her debut performance of the theme song for Sunday Night Football game when the New York Giants took on the Dallas Cowboys.

Faith Hill had tackled the theme since 2007, and Underwood has been promising that her rendition of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” would be very different. In one recent interview, Underwood said her version of the theme song “was not something that needed to belong on one of my albums.” She also said she wasn’t looking for a certain sound, but she did want to avoid having it seem like the same song sung by a different blonde.

“But first, the premiere of Carrie Underwood, taking the baton from Faith Hill,” NBC sportscaster Bob Kostas said right before she kicked off her tune. In a royal blue sequined tank top, denim shorts with pocket chains and slim black boots, she looked ready to take on just about anything. The song felt more rock than country, but it was perfectly fitting for the spirited game ahead. And that’s exactly how Underwood wanted her song to be. It was a far cry from Hill’s — and Pink’s before that.

In the prerecorded performance of the theme, Underwood had 13 guest stars from the NFL, like New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. And while the Dallas Cowboys were playing during this season premiere of Sunday Night Football, Underwood’s ex-boyfriend from 2007 — Cowboy’s QB Tony Romo — was, not surprisingly, absent from her video segment.