Sheryl Crow Loves the Nashville Atmosphere

“L.A. to me feels like music industry, and Nashville to me feels like music community.” That’s what Sheryl Crow recently told the Wall Street Journal.

While I’ve never lived in Los Angeles, I have to agree that Nashville definitely feels more like a place to make music than a place to make money. (Don’t get me wrong. Plenty of people are making money by making music in Nashville. Maybe they just don’t flaunt it as much.)

Crow also compared Nashville and its lack of paparazzi to the time she spent living in other cities where they would camp outside her house.

“It was a moment of reckoning there, when I started to lose faith in mankind,” she said. “I really had to move away from it. I can’t live in a glass bubble and have people capitalizing on the lowest moment in my life.”

Now that she lives a much quieter, pretty normal life in Tennessee, her two sons Levi and Wyatt can go to school without ending up in a tabloid and keep a regular kind of schedule. Except, you know, that their mom goes onstage when they go to bed.

“We try to keep as much of a home schedule on the tour bus as we do at home,” Crow said.

When she’s on tour, she makes an effort to take the boys to a water park, museum or zoo in each city before arriving at the concert venue.

“They come to sound check with me, we eat dinner … brush teeth, then pajama time, in their bunks and then I jam to get ready and I go onstage.”