Kellie Pickler Shows Off Her Post-Dancing Body

That’s it. I’m going on Dancing with the Stars . I mean, look at Kellie Pickler in a bikini. I’ve done every kind of exercise under the sun, and I’ve never looked this good. You name it, I’ve tried it. Pilates, yoga, hot yoga, even hotter Bikram yoga, spinning, P90X, Zumba, CrossFit. I’m one of those people who works out, but it never really works out. So now that I see what one season of dancing your ass off will do — like it has obviously done for Pickler — I want in.

She tweeted some super gorgeous pictures of her perfect self on the beach in an orange and white string bikini. For one, she just captioned it “#BeachBum J.” (To which one of her followers aptly replied, “More like beach bomb.”) Then she posted another shot saying it was her last day in Rosemary. Rosemary Beach is a tiny town in the Florida panhandle, which is a seven -hour drive from Pickler’s home in Nashville. She had initially tweeted her thanks to Joe Leathers, who is a songwriter who has written a few songs with Pickler’s husband Kyle Jacobs. So they must’ve struck up enough of a friendship that he let the semi-newlyweds borrow his place on the beach for a few days. “Thanks @joeleather for letting us enjoy a little piece of Heaven! Xo 😉 #Rosemary,” she wrote.

Anyway, back to the DWTS workout regime. Maybe Pickler is the exception. But if I were Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, Valerie Harper, Christina Milian, Leah Remini, Amber Riley or Snooki, I’d screen shot Pickler’s tweet and stare at it every time I was feeling too tired to rehearse. That beach body is the real trophy Pickler took home from the competition.