Even Jennifer Lopez Wants a Taylor Swift Collaboration

It’s not rocket science. If you put Taylor Swift on a song, it’s a surefire hit. Your fans will buy it out of curiosity, her fans will buy it out of loyalty and country radio will play it because listeners will request it. So am I surprised that Jennifer Lopez wants to collaborate with Swift? Not at all. In fact, I’m surprised more people aren’t in line to do the same.

E! News is reporting the two singers are working on a song for J.Lo’s next album due out early next year. I guess they hashed out the details when Lopez made a guest appearance to sing her “Jenny From the Block” at one of Swift’s shows in Los Angeles. Other than that, there’s zero scoop about the song except to say that most people agree it will be a hit. And how could it not? By early 2014, Lopez will be trending because of the timing of her stint as a return judge on American Idol, and Swift is always trending … just because.

But other than being fans of each other, what do the two have in common that they could pull from for a song? I mean, Swift was only a toddler when Lopez was a Fly Girl on the comedy show In Living Color. Yet somehow, I think there are a few common denominators the singers can build on. They’re both gorgeous, they both have a genuinely sweet side, they’re both very high net worth celebs and both have perfumes named after them. But most importantly, for songwriting purposes anyway, both women have loved and lost. A lot. Swift’s has a few ex-boyfriends, Lopez has a few ex-husbands. So surely something good can come of all those love stories. And I cannot wait to hear it.