Blake Shelton Snags Cher as The Voice Mentor

Pop Music Diva Was His Late Father's Favorite Singer

Blake Shelton has named pop icon Cher as his pick to mentor Team Blake on the upcoming season of NBC’s The Voice. If you’re like me, scratching your head wondering how country’s reigning “red-red-red-red-red-redneck” can get down with a diva like her, then we clearly don’t know him as well as we think we did. The fondness for Cher runs deep in his family, and it’s a sweet story.

When Cher took the stage and performed during last season’s finale of The Voice, Shelton could hardly contain his excitement.

During backstage press interviews, Shelton confessed to Yahoo Music that his late father was a huge Cher fan.

“My dad’s favorite artist on earth, bar none, no question, was Cher,” he said. “My dad worshipped Cher. I wish he could have seen tonight’s episode because I would’ve been texting him saying, ’Hey, I met Cher! I took a picture with Cher!”

You have to think that Shelton’s father would be beaming with pride at the announcement of Cher becoming a mentor on The Voice. After this upcoming season, Cher and Shelton will practically be BFFs, I predict. Think about it. Those larger-than-life personalities, the brash senses of humor is a musical partnership made in Bob Mackie-styled heaven. This will be every bit as sensational as the wig she wore on the finale episode.

And if you still aren’t convinced Shelton and Cher will make a great team, he’s quick to point out, “She’s just as viable and important to music today as she ever was.”

Such truth from a guy who not only knows and loves great music of all genres but understands that to be the best coach he can be for his team of hopefuls, he’s gonna have to think outside the country music box and bring in some seriously big guns to snag another win and give these aspiring artists a real shot at realizing their dreams.

It doesn’t get any bigger or better than the divine diva herself — the one-and-only Cher. I’m just dying for them to sing together. You just know Blake knows all the words to “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Come on, Blake, admit it!

Season five of The Voice premieres Sept. 23 on NBC.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.