Tom Bergeron Didn’t See Kellie Pickler’s Dancing With the Stars Win Coming

Sure, Tom Bergeron is great as the host of Dancing With the Stars. What he’s not so great at, though, is predicting who will win. So when CMT Radio Live’s Cody Alan asked Bergeron if he saw Kellie Pickler’s big win coming, he admitted he did not.

“Early on, you can tell that there’s likelihood certain people will be in the finals,” Bergeron said. “But I’ve been notoriously bad at picking the winner.”

He added that for Pickler, teaming up with a champ made a big difference.

“Having Derek Hough as your partner is never a bad thing, and Kellie immediately looked like a real contender,” he said. “But it was a pretty tight field, so I wouldn’t necessarily have gone with any one person as the winner.”

This season probably won’t be much different. I mean, who’s to say that just because a country singer won this year means that a country comedian will win this year? What are the odds of that? I hope for Bill Engvall’s sake, pretty good. Engvall, who voices a character on CMT’s Bounty Hunters , will hopefully inject some humor into the show. And maybe a little man tan.

Bergeron joked that he’d heard a rumor that Engvall had already tried to sneak off with some spray tanner.

“Sometimes we have the best intentions beginning a season, and the cast goes a little crazy,” he said of the increasingly revealing outfits the dance teams wear. “They succumb to the glitter dome, and they start parading around in skimpy clothes. And, frankly, Bill seems like he could go in that direction.”

Dancing With the Stars premieres Sept. 16.