Billy Currington Returns With We Are Tonight

First Album in Three Years Has Finally Arrived

Billy Currington’s long awaited fifth studio album We Are Tonight was released Tuesday (Sept. 17), and the singer said he couldn’t be happier.

“It’s a very exciting time,” Currington told CMT Hot 20 Countdown . “It’s been about three years since we put out a new album so … we’ve all been looking forward to it.”

The long wait between releases was just as frustrating for Currington as it was on fans, he said.

“Once you finally finish your album, it seems like another whole year before it actually comes out,” he admitted. “By then, I’ve already been working on another album and writing new songs. And by the time your third single comes out … you hear yourself on the radio, and you’re like ’Man, I sound young there.'”

Within the 10-track collection on We Are Tonight, the gold-certified single “Hey Girl” brings a bit of real life history from Currington and his friends.

“’Hey girl’ was a line that me and my buddies used all the time growing up,” he said. “We were on the beach … and we’d see three or four girls walking in our direction, and I’d be like, ’You say something,’ and he’d be like, ’No you say something.’ So one of us would eventually go, ’Hey girl.’ And that always seem to start a conversation.”

Other songs on the album, Currington said, lend a soul and R&B feel to the project’s flow, showing that the 39-year-old artist is pushing himself into new musical territory.

“Things sounds bigger to me now,” he said. “It all just sounds more grown up.”

Admittedly, three years was longer than Currington thought fans would have to wait for new music, but the Georgia native now believes it was all worth it.

“Man,” said Currington with a sigh of relief. “The main thing I’ve been thinking lately about this album coming out is the word ’finally.’ I’m so glad.”