Brad Paisley Wants to Know: Who Changed Your World?

The irony of this just dawned on me. What if Brad Paisley was the one who changed your world? I mean, his wife probably credits him with changing hers. But it’s possible that his music — especially his most meaningful songs — could have impacted a lot of lives. I know his “He Didn’t Have to Be” kind of changed mine.

Anyway, now that Paisley is well on his way to making a feature film based on his song “I Can’t Change the World,” he’s asking fans and social media followers to tell him who changed their lives and whose world they’d like to change. (If you look up the hashtag #ChangedYourWorld on Twitter, you’ll see how many people responded with stories and pictures.)

Earlier this week, Paisley tweeted , “We began filming last week on location in Haiti on the film project to accompany the latest song.” He posted a photo of himself on location in what appeared to be a Martin Scorsese moment as he assessed his surroundings.

Paisley described that part of the shoot in a recent radio interview.

“One of the major plotlines of this movie involves an orphan in Haiti and her situation and the woman that wants to adopt her, and that’s a major cause for me,” Paisley said. “I really have started to feel very strongly about our responsibility as the United States of America … closest to the poorest nation in the world, which is Haiti.”

In fact Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley have been volunteers for Live Beyond, a Nashville nonprofit mission that provides medical care, clean water, and developmental activities in Haiti. And $1 from every ticket sold to his Beat This Summer tour benefits Live Beyond.

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