Carrie Underwood Talks Emmy Fashion With Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler ran into Carrie Underwood on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards and asked her, “Hey Carrie. Can we talk about religion and politics and do some swear words, as well?” And Underwood was so ready. “Please,” she said.

They never actually got around to the religion and politics, but Poehler did ask her all right questions. Underwood was arriving to talk to Ryan Seacrest on the E! Live from the Red Carpet special just as Poehler was leaving, so the Parks and Recreation star hung around to be Seacrest’s sidekick of sorts.

Poehler asked her who she was wearing (“Romona Keveza”), who her jewelry was from (“Johnathon Arndt”) and what her performance would be like on the show (“It’s kind of a tribute to a very big time. “)

Then they talked The Sound of Music. Who better to ask Underwood about her upcoming live television special than one of the queens of live television, right?

“It’s like three hours of live TV. I’ve got to memorize lines, I don’t know how you guys do it,” she told Poehler, who revealed that “we have these things called cue cards.” Underwood said she wasn’t sure if she’d have those.

Once Poehler left, Seacrest finished up the interview by asking Underwood for more details on The Sound of Music.

“I move to New York in, like, a week. So it’s gonna be crazy. I’m gonna be there for a couple of months,” she said. “I’ve never had to memorize lines before, and I’ve never had to really buckle
down. This is different for me, and it’s a different kind of music.”

Underwood’s dress — the Romona Keveza — was a stunning strapless gown. Purple with a simple black band at the waist. And her necklace was dripping with diamonds. She didn’t give the value, but earlier this year at the Grammys, Underwood wore another one of Arndt’s necklaces that was worth $31 million diamond.