Jake Owen Is Happier Than Ever

Singer Admits He's Living His "Days of Gold," Thanks to His Wife and Daughter

Take one look at (or one listen to) Jake Owen, and it’s easy to see how the singer was once one of country music’s hottest bachelors. I say “was” because we all know Owen is now happily married.

Flirting with hot gals in the front row is now a part of the days of old as the singer has literally moved on to his “Days of Gold,” thanks to his beautiful wife Lacey and their adorable daughter Pearl.

For a star in his early 30s who’s enjoying the most successful season of his career yet, you’d think this would be the time he’d want to be at the height of his freedom and frolic. But Owen would disagree with you. He’s very open about the immense joy his wife and daughter bring to his life and admits he’s happier than ever before.

“I look back maybe four or five years ago,” he told us at CMT Radio. “If I was married or had a child, it would have been a lot harder than it is right now. But, thankfully, my daughter is able to grow up and ride a bus that I am now able to ride on my own with my wife. And she can come out to all the shows.”

Gone are the days when the hot young gun would take the stage and check out the hotties dancing in the seats and screaming his name.

Don’t worry, though, girls. He still loves to see you in the audience. It’s just a different kind of love. These days, he says he looks to the side of the stage and sees “the two prettiest girls in the crowd” — his loving wife and beautiful baby girl.

These truly are his “Days of Gold.”

That’s the title of his current single and his new video. His next album, also titled Days of Gold, arrives Dec. 3.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.