How Tim McGraw Wakes Up His Birthday Girl

Does this mean breakfast in bed? Or something sexier? I can’t quite decipher Tim McGraw’s innuendo about his wife Faith Hill’s birthday gift. See what you think. When E! News interviewed McGraw at Saturday’s (June 21) iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, they asked him why Hill wasn’t there with him on the red carpet.

“Tonight’s my wife’s birthday, so everybody’s at home,” he said. “She’s at home with some friends. I was home this morning, so I got to spend the morning with her. I got the morning birthday in.”

The morning birthday? Hmmm. Even if it was just a croissant, a cup of coffee and copy of the morning newspaper, it’s pretty sweet to think he started his wife’s 46th birthday off right. But then again, when E! News asked him if he got Hill something special for her birthday, McGraw put his hands in his pockets confidently as he laughed and said, “I sure did.”

Maybe that will finally put an end to the tabloid rumors of a possible divorce.

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