Justin Moore’s Outrageous Hiney Song

This song of Justin Moore’s is no more ridiculous than Trace Adkins“Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” which was a massive hit in 2005. But Moore is still surprised that his “I’d Want It to Be Yours” is turning out to be such a fan favorite. When he was in New York to kick off the release of his Off the Beaten Path album, he told Radio.com he truly expected nobody to like it or want to hear it.

“Women love it,” he said. “I’m surprised. I thought women would hate it, but women love it, including my wife.”

The song — which is basically a celebration of a woman’s backside — has lyrics comparing it to that of J-Lo and Kim Kardashian, including analogies about watermelons shoved in her pants and cute little pigs in a toe sack.

“It’s big, it ain’t tiny/I’m diggin that hiney/It’s a classy one,” he sings.

Love it or hate it, Moore knows it won’t ever be on the radio.

“There’s a few cusswords in it,” he said.

When he started writing it with Jeremy Stover and Brandon Kinney, they wanted to make it as ridiculous as possible. Moore compared the song to “I Could Kick Your Ass,” a track from his 2009 debut album.

“It’s a big reason that album’s gold, and it’s one of those songs that I understand won’t ever be on the radio, but it’s important for my fans,” he said. “It’s important to the album as a whole. I really sat down to write another one of those.”

But even though a song that puts body parts up on a pedestal could hardly be considered traditional country, Moore isn’t worried.

“My favorite artists are traditional because that’s what I grew up on, and that’s what I love,” he said. “That comes out of me naturally.

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