Cassadee Pope Adjusts to Newfound Fame

Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame Gives Behind-the-Scenes Access to the New Star

Cassadee Pope’s life was forever changed the moment she first stepped onto the stage of NBC’s The Voice, but the singer says dramatic changes are still happening in her everyday life.

“What’s surprised me about this period is definitely how closely I’m being looked at,” Pope told CMT Hot 20 Countdown . “And it goes from my outfit to what I say to maybe how I interact with fans. Everything is just being picked apart by everybody, and a lot of times, it’s great and people realize I’m just a normal person who loves music and this is what I’m meant to do.”

Though Pope admits her newfound fame can be challenging at times, her close-knit support group keeps her grounded.

“They let me know that you just have to keep being yourself,” she said. “And finally people will realize that this is who you are. This isn’t an act.”

And with the premiere of her new CMT docu-series, Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame , on the horizon, the singer finds reassurance in having the support of an existing fan base.

“It’s fun because when I meet people that watch The Voice, they feel like they already know me, and that makes it way more fun for me,” Pope said. “It’s not like I have to sit there and explain where I came from and my life story. People already know all that, so I can literally meet a fan for the first time and they know all of the little details about myself that I normally would have to explain. We just start talking like normal people and friends.”

Get an in-depth look at Pope’s burgeoning career when CMT’s Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame premieres Friday (Oct. 4) at 10 p.m. ET/PT, or watch the exclusive online premiere now at