Lady Antebellum Add “Compass” to Special Edition of Golden

New Single Now on iTunes

Lady Antebellum is taking a new direction with “Compass,” a new single that will be included on an upcoming special edition of their latest album, Golden.

“Compass” was unveiled on the band’s Facebook page this week and released to country radio on Tuesday (Oct. 1). The band recorded the song over the summer during a break from touring.

The new recording will be included on a deluxe edition of Golden, due Nov. 12.

“We’ve had a lot time off from the road this summer to focus on our personal lives and really clear our heads. … We’ve never done that before,” band member Charles Kelley said. “That break was more beneficial than we ever thought it would be, and through some experimentation in the studio with [producer] Nathan Chapman, we found this new song that we knew we had to really dig into.”

“It was love at first listen with ’Compass,'” Dave Haywood added. “You hear people talk about songs they knew they couldn’t live without, and this is one of them for us. Once we all got in the studio to record our parts and really work with the instrumentation, it took on an energy that felt really fresh and different. We tried some new things vocally, and by adding foot stomps and hand claps to the acoustic sounds of the banjo, fiddle and mandolin, it really turned into something special.”

“I immediately fell in love with the spirit of the song,” Hillary Scott said. “As we made it our own, we decided we had to share it with the fans immediately. … We just couldn’t wait. They’ve been so patient with us over the last few months as I’ve begun a new chapter in my life personally. Everything takes on new meaning once you have a child, and now I can hear the message of the song through [new daughter] Eisele’s ears, too. It opens up a whole new world to you as an artist.”