Dierks Bentley Prepares for a Son

Says He "Can't Imagine Being Any Happier or Wanting Anything More"

Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy are about to welcome the arrival of their third child. And other than knowing it will be their first son, they have no idea what to expect.

By now, you’d think the couple would consider themselves seasoned pros at the parenting game, but you’d be wrong. Though they are proud dad and mom to 5-year-old Evie and 2-year-old Jordan, Bentley says he’s slightly nervous about the impending arrival of their third child.

Now, I’m not a mama yet, so I cannot speak on the beautiful experience of bringing a child into the world, nor can I give advice to Bentley on how to bring a boy into a house filled with women. So often, you hear things such as, “Boys are so different from girls,” “It’s a whole other world” or “You’ll finally get a fishing buddy!”

Maybe that’s true for some folks but not for Bentley’s family. He told People magazine he and Cassidy won’t be bonding with his son any differently than he has with his two daughters since they “already do some boy things with the girls.”

Another thing he knows for sure is that he and his wife will likely continue to feel “outnumbered” by their adorable children. And that’s fine with them because Bentley says he “can’t imagine being any happier or wanting anything more.”

It sounds like Bentley has everything in perspective.

“It seems like yesterday I was single and on the road playing bars, and now I’m here, and I have a wife and two kids and a third one on the way,” he said. “Life is crazy like that.

“In a lot of ways, it changes everything, but luckily I’m still here doing what I do and probably appreciate it more now than ever. And getting to see music through their eyes is certainly awesome.”

Their son is expected to arrive sometime this month.

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