Taylor Swift: The Osbourne Family’s Infatuation

When Sharon Osbourne describes her husband Ozzy describing Taylor Swift, it sounds so distinguished that you almost forget that he once bit the head off a live bat. On Tuesday’s (Oct. 1) episode of The Talk, she had to share her story of the Taylor Swift Effect.

“On Sunday, we were out shopping — my hubby and I — and we bumped into Taylor Swift,” Osbourne said. “And my husband doesn’t say anything about anyone. He knows who Taylor is, he knows her music, but he’s never met her before. And he was so blown away with her beauty and the aura that she projects, he said to me, ’I have finally met somebody that I could say is a true superstar.’ He said, ’She reminds me of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.’ He called her the most magnificent young girl he’s met in his whole lifetime. He was so blown away by her.”

But that little encounter between Swift and the Osbournes could not have been completely random, right? Because the day after that show aired, the Osbournes’ daughter Kelly was tweeting and Instagramming nonstop about spending time baking cookies with Swift and her friend Claire Winter Kislinger.

Among the things she wrote:

“#NewGirlGroup we are #TheCulinaryPatienceTurtles @taylorswift13 @clairewinter.”

“In home made foodie heaven with @taylorswift13 & @clairewinter.”

“Our home made chocolate peppermint cookies are amazing! @clairewinter @taylorswift13.”

“#GirlsNight baking with @taylorswift13 you guys have no idea how good Taylor is at cooking! #shocked.”

I’m not sure where all this baking was going on, but from the look of the pictures on the kitchen wall of girls making Swift’s signature “heart hands,” I’m going to guess it was in Swift’s kitchen.

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