Cassadee Pope Puts a Few Notches on Her Belt

The Voice Winner Hears Herself on the Radio for the First Time

The highly anticipated new CMT docu-series Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame is set to premiere Friday (Oct. 4) at 10 p.m. ET/PT and will follow The Voice winner through a busy year of touring. Pope recently talked about having the reality of her new life sink in.

“I think when I started, my first country radio tour was when I started thinking, ’OK, this is actually happening,'” she told CMT Radio. “I just dove in head first, and there was no turning back. So it was crazy, but now it’s just my life, and I’m totally used to it.”

And when that life includes a nonstop tour of radio stations, Pope admitted she’s had to learn tricks for preserving her voice.

“Believe it or not, talking is actually the most stressful on your vocal cords,” she said. “When I sing, that’s something that I’ve grown up doing. I’ve learned to sing the right way and technically how to sing, so I’m not straining, I’m not hurting myself. The talking is what gets me, so when I talk I try to just talk at normal volume. They tend to think that if you talk softer, it helps, but that’s actually worse. So, yeah, it’s the little things you learn along the way.”

Pope absorbed a lot during her journey, but one of her favorite parts was hearing her single, “Wasting All These Tears,” on the radio for the first time.

“I remember thinking that I finally knew what it meant when people said, ’It sounds good on the radio,’ because I always thought, ’Well, doesn’t it sound the same? What changes?'” she revealed. “And it’s true. It’s compressed a little more. It sounds different. Some songs don’t fit on the radio, and I feel like that one really does. It was a really magical moment for me.”

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