Dierks Bentley Appreciates All the Spirits

He may act like the kind of guy who could easily order up a couple of Bushwackers or Working Class Heroes. But honestly, Dierks Bentley should just have a beer. That’s what he said, in the new special country issue of People magazine.

“I do love whiskey, but I’m better off just sticking to a nice, cold beer,” Bentley said. “I appreciate all spirits.”

Bentley told the magazine he’s an expert on bars because he’s been playing them for so many years. And that expertise makes his new restaurant in Arizona unique to Bentley. You get a shot of whiskey when you walk in the door, there’s a self-serve beer and booze tap at every table and the wood on the walls came from a Kentucky tobacco farm. Very cool.

The vibe Bentley was going for was that he wanted people to walk in and think, “Oh, this is what new country feels and looks like.” And just like the music, he wanted the bar to be less cheesy and more edgy.

“When I came in to see the place the other night, everyone was high-fiving me and fist-pumping,” he said. “I couldn’t even walk through. They’re just so grateful there’s a country-themed bar here. It was like walking around a bar full of thousands of your friends.”

Those would be friends who get to drink drinks like Legend (beer and bourbon), the Working Class Hero (beer and Irish whiskey) and Dierks’ Lemonade (raspberries, lemonade, syrup, soda and whiskey).

Once his son is born — any day now — I wonder if Bentley will have a drink made just for new dads. Maybe it could be something caffeinated but with whiskey. He could call it the Up All Night or the It’s Your Turn, Honey.

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.