Luke Bryan’s Educational Weekend Tweets

It’s almost like Luke Bryan is providing a public service when he does this. Over the weekend, he offered some solid advice to his more than 2 million Twitter followers.

Life Lesson No. 1: Do not be suckered into buying unofficial concert merchandise. Bryan tweeted on Friday (Oct. 4), “Don’t waste your money in the parking lots. … These are fake Farm Tour shirts.”

He even included a picture of said fakes just to show all his fans which ones to avoid. They are the black ones with his picture on the front and the concert dates on the back. The real ones are white with turquoise lettering and an image of Bryan singing, and you can get one on his website or at one of his last four Farm Tour shows this week throughout Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

Before that tweet, Bryan was handing out some parking advice to his Twitter followers last weekend.

Life Lesson No. 2: “Before y’all get out of your truck, make sure you put it in park. Trust me,” he tweeted, with a picture of a black Chevy pickup truck in the water. I’m not absolutely positive that it was Bryan’s truck or not. But the little boy standing up in the bed of the truck looks exactly like Bryan’s 5-year-old son Bo. I have heard that no one was hurt in this truck-in-the-water incident.

So those are your Luke Bryan lessons for today: Don’t ever buy parking lot t T-shirts, and don’t ever forget the parking brake.

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