If Brad Paisley Could Go Back to 2003

If Brad Paisley could change one thing about his wedding, he might change the live music and take the time to play his “I Can’t Change the World” song for his friends and family and new bride. That’s what the singer told People in their new country issue.

He talks about the song line by line and ultimately says, “I wish I could go back and sing this at my wedding. It’s not unrealistic in any way. It’s saying, ’The world is tough, but let me in, and I’m never going anywhere.'”

Paisley admits the song started as an up-tempo one, but he slowed it down because “there was no gravity.” He also talks about how the song goes from heartbreak to hope.

“The girl in the song is slightly damaged, probably fresh out of heartbreak,” he says. “She thinks, ’If I trust you, you can hurt me.'”

In the chorus, the song changes direction.

“The tone changes to hope right away — hoping she’ll let you in,” he says. “Hoping your life has more meaning because you have her.”

That alone would have made it the perfect wedding song for Paisley when he married 10 years ago.

As for the Jesus part, Paisley says that came from an old quote.

“I thought of that great Abraham Lincoln quote: ’I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go,'” he said.

And by the end of the song, Paisley says the feeling is a willingness to risk it all — that he’s jumping in the pool and having faith that there is water in that pool.

“And I’ll be everything you need me to be,” he said.

If and when Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley renew their wedding vows, I hope he sings this for her.

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