Jake Owen Blessed With Family, Watermelon and Camera

It’s that time of year again when we’re this close to Thanksgiving and start to reflect on all the blessings in our lives. Those lists usually start with family and end with more family. But Jake Owen’s list? His has a few out-there items that may make you think outside the box when you start to count your own blessings.

Owen, of course, has his wife Lacey and his baby girl Pearl at the top of the list.

“They are the ones to hit the pause button on my crazy life,” Owen told People magazine in their latest country issue. “My little girl, when she looks at me, I’m her caretaker, her provider and her comforter. It puts a lot of responsibility upon my shoulders, but it’s a responsibility that I truly enjoy and am thankful for.”

Owen also says he is grateful for his dog Merle and for the health of his father, who’s now 100 percent cancer-free after eight months of treatment for throat cancer.

But here’s where Owen’s list takes kind of a sharp turn. He’s thankful for cold watermelon.

“Growing up in Florida, I was always eating watermelon,” he said. “I still think of all the times I got to sit with my granddad under his carport and talk about life while we’d spit watermelon seeds out into the yard. Then my grandma would get mad when the vines would start growing.”

Also on his list is his camera because he says he can “snap a moment in time and preserve it.” Like when his dad got to hold Pearl.

“When my dad was in the hospital, he got to hold my little girl, and that was the one thing that put a big smile on his face,” Owen recalled. “And I got a great photo of that.”

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