Why Is Luke Bryan’s Wife Trashing Her Wedding Dress?

Just for the hell of it. That’s why Caroline Bryan, wife of Luke Bryan, is making a mess of a wedding dress. So don’t call the tabloids or anything. The only thing scandalous going on in these pictures is that Bryan and her friends Cara Owen (the daughter-in-law of Alabama’s Randy Owen) and Tiffany Fallon (the wife of Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney) are wrecking some silk, taffeta, organza and tulle. But they’re having a ball doing it.

The three pals got together for a photo shoot known as a “Trash the Dress” shoot. It’s actually a lot like the Jana Kramer video for “I Hope It Rains” where she is ripping her wedding dress with her bare hands and letting her friends throw paint-filled balloons at her. In Kramer’s case, the trashing of the dress is out of anger that her ex is marrying someone new.

In this case, there’s no anger whatsoever. In fact, Caroline and Luke have been married since 2006, just a few years after Bryan moved to Nashville and scored a publishing deal. And she recently told People, “We want [our sons] to know Mom and Dad are happy, and that’s what a marriage should be.”

In the photos, Caroline and her friends are fishing in fancy dresses and Hunter wellies, doing shots of Fireball Whiskey, sipping Budweiser from champagne flutes, eating barbecue ribs out of aluminum foil (just like the old Shenandoah song says) and playing with sparklers. But the way they do it almost seems kind of classy and ladylike.

Jillian Hughes, the local Nashville photographer behind the shoot, told me they did the session at the Bryans’ place on 169 acres of farmland, complete with its own trout stream, just south of Nashville.

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