Dierks Bentley Welcomes a Son Named Knox

The new arrival’s name is Knox Bentley. And his dad is Dierks Bentley. So you already know he’s going to be the coolest guy in Nashville, right? Bentley announced the birth of his baby boy late Wednesday night (Oct. 9) on Twitter, saying, “Well … our boy knox is here! about to have the best tasting cold beer of my life! so proud of my wife. she rocked it. crazy stuff. #beerme”

In addition to the praise for his wife Cassidy, he later gave a little shout-out to the fine folks at the hospital.

“Mad respect for doctors, nurses and everyone at hospitals. can’t believe y’all do that day in and day out. hard work making miracles happen,” Bentley wrote.

Baby Knox is Bentley’s third child and will join his big sisters Evie, 5, and Jordan, 2, when he goes home. And not that Bentley asked for it, but I do have some advice for a family with two girls and one boy:

• Do not let the girls dress Knox up for Halloween. Baby boys are like dolls for little girls and, trust me, they will try to do his hair and makeup and turn him into something out of Toddlers & Tiaras.

• Do let the girls give Knox advice on romance. He will be a better boyfriend (eventually) with two sisters at home telling him how to treat a lady.

• Encourage the girls to play with Knox’s Legos, Lincoln logs, blocks, trucks, matchbox cars, footballs, fire trucks and rocks so they learn what goes on in the mind of a boy.

• And let him play the things the girls like, too. Anything you teach the girls — how to bake chocolate chip cookies, how to draw flowers with sidewalk chalk, how to play hopscotch — will be important for Knox to know, too.

• Let Knox have Evie and Jordan’s backs. It’s human nature for brothers to protect sisters — on the playground, at school and in grown-up life.

Bentley has a few shows to get through this week — in Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa — before he can come home and hang with his new buddy. But he is already feeling the love from his fans on Twitter and says he appreciates all the congrats and love from them. I’m sure he will rush home and post non-stop pictures of Knox as soon as he can.

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